Religious Education

"Encountering the Living Christ"

Look for Jesus in Me:

Source of Light
Attitude of Service
Model of Virtues
Example of Faith

See me, see Jesus...


Every Catholic Church continues the mission of Jesus. Our mission, like Jesus’, is an essential one: “the Church is sent to announce, bear witness, make present, and spread the mystery of the communion of the Holy Trinity." (CC 738)

This mission has three aspects:

  • Proclaiming and teaching God’s Word
  • Celebrating the Sacred Mysteries
  • Serving the People of God

Catechesis is an esteemed term in Christian Tradition. Its purpose is to make a person’s “faith become living, conscious and active, through the light of instruction.”

Catechesis is a fourfold task:

  • Message to proclaim Christ’s message and pass on the Church’s magisterial teaching
  • Community to foster and develop community
  • Worship to lead people to personal and liturgical prayer
  • Service to motivate people to serve those in need and to work for a just and peaceful world

To meet these 4 tasks, the Office of Religious Education offers specific programs annually such as:

  • Pre-School Sunday School
  • Baptismal Preparation Classes for parents
  • PSR grades 1-8
  • RCIA
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word
  • Family Activities
  • Catechist Training
  • Adult Faith Formation
  • In addition, other programs are added as needed to meet the needs of parish groups
  • The Office also stocks current materials in the bookrack in the back of church as well as maintains a lending library located in the Church Office area.

For information, please contact the Office Staff: