Parish History

The original name of our parish was Holy Guardian Angels Parish with the parish location identified as Sanfordtown, KY., currently at the bottom of the hill where Dudley Road joins Madison Pike, State Highway 17, with the Greater Cincinnati I-275 beltway nearby. A cemetery still owned by the parish, and the former sisters’ convent, still remain on the original property site.

The parish began in 1856 with the building of a combination log cabin Church/School on a tract of land known from a nearby creek known on old maps as “Horse Branch Creek.” The first priests to serve the new parish were Benedictine priests coming on mission from St. Benedict Parish in Covington. In 1860 the original log cabin church and school house were burned down in order to make way for a newer edifice. A simple new church building, also used during the week as the school, was completed on the same tract of land in 1863.

The first resident priest came to the parish in 1869 when a rectory was built and the church was added to. In 1880 a new church building was built in order to accommodate the size of the growing membership. Bishop Augustus Toebbe came to dedicate the new church and in 1882 he obtained Benedictine Sisters to come and staff the parish school. A convent was constructed for these sisters in 1882. The school building was repaired and renovated in 1886.

Within three years of its dedication the new church building had to be enlarged again, a sign of the rapid growth of the congregation. In 1894 even more space was added onto the church building. Cost of the addition and renovation of the church sanctuary, altar, and the adjacent pastor’s house was $ 3200.

In 1906 more land was added to the attached parish cemetery property, two and a half acres, costing $ 251.75. In March 1909 the previous school building was torn down in order to make way for a new and larger school building. In 1911 the church edifice was also repaired and improved.

There is a gap in the diocese’s historical record from 1911 until 1954. But in 1954 a deed shows that two brothers, Bernard and Lawrence Gripshover, donated 23 acres of their farmland on the upper rise of Dudley Road for future parish expansion. That is the same land as the present church site.

In 1955, following shortly after the canonization of Pope Pius X (1903-1914), Bishop William T. Mulloy issued a decree of establishment of a new parish from the former Holy Guardian Angels parish in Sanfordtown. The new site was on top of the long Dudley Road hill, on a fairly level plateau. Bishop Mulloy changed the name of the parish to “Saint Pius X” in recognition of the newly canonized saint.
An official groundbreaking ceremony was held May 29, 1955 with an intent to construct a combination school and church. Shortly after this time, Father Jobst, the pastor of the Sanfordtown Guardian Angels Parish, where Mass was still being offered, retired. In his place Bishop Mulloy appointed Father Hugh Milligan as the pastor of the new St. Pius X parish. Construction on the Church-School began on March 15, 1956. The building was completed in 1958. The first Mass was said in the new church on June 1, 1958. The last Mass at Holy Guardian Angels church site was offered on May 31, 1958.

On September 3, 1958 the new school opened with an initial enrollment of 355 students. At the same time the school was built a parish rectory house was built. The cost of the church/school and the rectory combined was $ 800,000. In 1963 a convent was built to house the Benedictine sisters of the school staff.

In 1982 Monsignor Hugh Milligan entered upon retirement and Father Paul Tenhundfeld was appointed the new pastor. In 1987 ground breaking occurred for the present free-standing new church building, completed in 1988 at a cost of $ 2,000,000.
In 1990 Father Douglas Fortner was appointed the new pastor following Father Tenhundfeld’s retirement. In 1999 a transfer of pastors of a number of parishes occurred and Father Robert Wehage was appointed to be the pastor. On June 6, 2004 a large addition to the school and parish facilities, with much needed repairs and renovations, more than doubling the parish school and administration and recreational space at a total cost of $ 8.4 million dollars, reflective of the economy of the time.

Parish Boundaries

From a decree of Bishop William A. Hughes sent to Father Paul Tenhundfeld on October 22, 1986, the parish boundaries are currently set as follows:

  1. North: I-275 from the railroad tracks to Madison Pike ( State Hwy. 17)
  2. East: Madison Pike ( State Hwy. 17) starting from I-275 moving South to Bullock Pen Road
  3. City of Edgewood: all corporated limits
  4. West: Narrows Road to Turkeyfoot Road Turkeyfoot Road North to the City of Edgewood Coporation Limit, thence to the end of Turkeyfoot at Dixie Highway
  5. North Side of Dixie Highway: to the Corporation Border delimiting Erlanger and Crestview Hills, and then as far as the railroad track

Current Registration Census


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