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Auto Debit or Automatic Withdrawal

We now have a convenient and easy method to make your regular church contributions and offerings. 


No checks to write, no cash to acquire, no stamps or envelopes to buy!  You don't even have to go on line.  Plus, it costs you nor the parish anything extra.

Each month the church will receive the exact amount you determine (no minimums or maximums) on a specific date (the 12th) no matter if you are sick, out of town, or visiting another parish.  You can even elect to have donations for the monthly Social Action Collection, Building Fund and/or the Roof Repair Collection all at one time.  Your bank will record the transaction just like any other and put it on your monthly statement.  All you have to do is "click" on the word FORM (below) and the required document will display.  Then just print it on your printer, drop it in the Sunday collection basket, mail it to the church office, just bring it in the next time you stop by, or FAX it to 578-8597 and we will do the rest.  What could be easier?

Should you have any questions concerning this, call Mike Walker at 341-4900 x 122 or email him at

Click on this link to open the Auto Debit Form... FORM